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Thank you for looking into my world, wierd as it may be. Please let me know of anything I can do to make this website easier to use or more attractive to visitors.
thank you

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Question   Michael WIlson Prayer WIndow poem
We just bought the Prayer Window piece from Stuart May

- jane bergthold October 07, 2013

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Question   Gallery experince
We really enjoyed your gallery yesterday. You showcase many amazing pieces. My favorites are the photographs (no surprise), the copper fish and of course the Zombie sticks. I am looking forward to the musical festival in October. It is in my date book.

-Zombie Lover

- Cathy Mortell August 12, 2013

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Question   Pirate's Life for Us -2012
Thanks for taking such great photos of such a fun event. Love the group photo! It came out really well. Hope to see you at our next on in 2013! Huzzah!

- Beverly Keller February 07, 2012

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Question   Snow Owl @
Hi Stuart!
I put the photo of the Snowy owl shown at the in my Facebook page and included your name and websites address for Fusions Gallery and your photography website of course!
Is this all right with you?
Are you on Facebook?
Warm regards, Cecilia (we met in Ocean Shores)

- Cecilia Kellogg-Kilmer November 11, 2011

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Question   Hello Scottie
Stuart, My Mom and I enjoyed our visit to your gallery and your company. Remember when a beloved on has passed, comfort does come with a memory captured in a photo! Good travels to you till our paths cross again. P.S. Give Bess a hug and I hope her itchy behind is feeling better! : - )

- Sharleen Puckett March 10, 2011

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Question   Your work
I saw a link to your work on Bella Espresso's site. Donnie does amazing paintings, so I figured he'd have links to a great photographer. Really like your photos. I'm a professional photographer as well- and like what you do!!!
from Vancouver, WA

-  April 24, 2010

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Question   the Redwoods
Perhaps my path leads me to wonderous things. Maybe this is all happenstance at its pinnical. Most likely I am right where I belong. The "redwoods" have drawn me to a new place in my mind and my life. And what a journey this will be. A pleasure to have met you, my friend, and a pleasure to witness your vision.

- Gary Lennon April 20, 2010

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Question   tulips and rain
I first saw your work in the Skirka's home and loved the tulips and rainforest photos.

- Rob Rutherford January 20, 2010

  Answer Thank you.

-  January 21, 2010

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Question   tulips and rain
I first saw your work in the Skirka

- Rob Rutherford January 20, 2010

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Question   Wonderful
Found your site today, looking for images of the westcoast rainforest. Your work reminds me a lot of a friend of mine - located in Berlin he

- Heike Rohde November 30, 2009

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Question   Amazing site
You came up on the Better photo for the month. I love your site and your photos are wonderful. I am currently trying to put my site together and still have ways to go. Kim

- KIM A. RINCONES July 11, 2009

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Question   All of It
me and my mom LOVE your work. I am really into photography and its a great insipiration knowing you dont do much touch ups on the computer or "digitally enhance" your work. thank you so much for sharing your art with us.
c. norman

- calli Norman October 04, 2008

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Question   Your work
Really liked your work, nice subjects.
enjoyed your site. Thanx

- james hicks September 25, 2008

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Question   Gallery and Web site
Mr. Stuart May,
My wife and I were just in your studio and we talked about your Canon camera and I showed you our Nikon. Your photography is beyond any amount of praise that anyone can write. We would encourage all who visit this web site to visit Struart’s gallery in Ocean Shores and see his work in person. If you should be so lucky to purchase any of his photos, consider yourself fortunate.

-  January 28, 2008

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Question   the Redwoods
I hope to be seeing the new pictures that you took of the Redwoods and at the Lost Coast you took on your journey through our Redwoods. I'll check back in later to see if you have posted them. Hopefully you can come and visit with us again next Winter if the State doesn't close us. All the staff at Grizzly Creek State Park.

-  January 14, 2008

  Answer What an awesome way to explain this-now I know eevyrtihng!

- Isabelle Isabelle  December 27, 2011

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Question   Your work is totally mystical in a nature way..
I love art. I find that there is nothing greater in life but to be able to capture then forrest ground and sunsets in our lives... I lived in Ak with my husband while on a logging camp I took up photography and video taping, taking lots of pictures of the forrest ground around and catching different float planes coming in and out of camp.. When I saw your work I totally related to your work and I hope to eventually purchase a peice or two.. Thank you for doing what you do...As it touches so many hearts.

-  November 01, 2007

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Question   Prayer window
We bought Prayer Window from you at the Razor Clam Festival and are so glad we did. It is such a beautiful piece and brings serenity to our hearts. We love the story of the prayer window and Iona Island. Buying this photo led us to Michael Wilson who wrote a poem about the picture and his amazing story. Thank you so much.

-  March 19, 2007

  Answer hi guys,
thanks for visiting it was nice to meet you both and your parents came in this week.
enjoy the photo and poem.

thanks again


-  March 27, 2007

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Question   Amazing photos
I met you on 3-17-07 at the Razor Clam festival and do a little photography. I am in awe of your photos. It was so great to meet you and feel the excitement you get when you're showing your beautiful work.
I hope to learn more about photography and will continue to check out your website for ideas.
Thank you.

-  March 18, 2007

  Answer thank you Lisa,
the excitements seems so much more when I get to talk to people that get what I feel. every time you pick up a camera you should feel that thrill as your about to create something special. just always look for the unseen in everything.

keep checking the website for new stuffff

thanks again

-  March 27, 2007

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Question   Hello from Friday Harbor
Keep up the great work Stu!


-  November 15, 2006

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