digital? film? ethics?

The digital debate rages on.

First things first-- the camera be it a film or digital is nothing more than a light tight box!! right? lets not forget that fact.

Secondly-- I use a mixture of 35mm film, digital slr's, medium format film as well as panoramic cameras. as yet none of my clients have any complaints about the ethics I use in the pursuit of my photographic art. All of the abstracts seen here are done in the camera, using slow shutter speeds or multiple exposures or variations of these and other camera techniques.

Thirdly -- It is and always will be the artist behind the CAMERA that elevates the image from snapshot to art, not the camera being used.

Ethically speaking as long as you work with digital files in the same way you would a negative or slide the ethics of photography will not be at risk.

Personally I do not do anything to my photographs in the computer that I could not do in the darkroom...

This includes a minimum amout of -- adjusting contrast, cropping, burning and dodging and some colour balance adjustments.

I make no changes to the content of my photographs as I preferre to get the image as right as possible in the field.

All prints are made digitally using fully archival inks, papers, tapes, backing and matt board.

Please feel free to email me with any comments and or questions. thanks for taking the time to browse.